Renewal Process

When ministries are feeling a called to renewal, there are many outcomes which they may feel they need to achieve. At EDGE, we understand the different motives that ministries have, and work to ensure they are achieved in a way that honours the vision, mission, history, and context of the ministry.

The outcomes for many ministries can be categorized into four main areas. For each of these areas, depending on what the focus is, EDGE has resources and services which are best suited to the goal for ministries to engage with.

  • Congregational growth and financial sustainability
  • community engagement and collaborative relationship development
  • clarifying a vision for a new day
  • Property process and / or development

Ministries may also have a specific outcome which involves accessing individual EDGE services and resources such as an IMNA report or Community Round Table.

EDGE will work with your ministry to plan a process that works for you. The process will include working with one or more EDGE consultants (either in person or online by web video).

Consultants will help to:

  • discern and clarify a vital, faithful, and sustainable mission and vision for a renewed energy and vitality
  • foster the development of missional leadership capacity
  • shift congregational culture to a missional orientation
  • discern, imagine, and effectively implement new ministry projects
  • explore or move forward conversations with partners (congregations or other community partners) for a more effective use of overall resources
  • work with judicatories to explore and effectively move into a vital and sustainable regional mission plan
  • focused projects such as: stewardship development, transformational worship, governance structures, technology for worship, and marketing your ministry.

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Embracing the Spirit

Embracing the Spirit is a new learning network and innovation fund. It aims to spur innovation, pilot new programs, support successful initiatives, create a learning network for faith communities, and support both new and renewing faith communities across the United Church of Canada.

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