Grant Research & Writing

Did you know that UCC congregations receive over $2.4 million in grants each year? Did you know that all of that goes to the only 6% of congregations who actively apply for these grants? We want to help you become one of those congregations!

The Benefits 

Researching and Writing Grants is a Unique Skill: This process requires specialized research and writing skills. Experience with grants and grant writing typically increases the chance of landing a grant.

Time Consuming: We understand how much work goes into every individual congregation and ministry. It can be difficult for someone to find the time to conduct research and draft grant applications.

Foundation Relationships: EDGE continues to grow its network to include local and government foundations. These relationships help provide insight and information while developing a grant application.

Different Perspective: EDGE understands how to appeal to the funder’s interests while staying true to your congregation or ministry’s values. Creating this balance is easier when a relationship with the foundation is already established.

The Job will get Done on Time: We always set our personal deadline a few days earlier to ensure any last minute changes have plenty of time to be addressed before submitting the application.

Cost Effective: EDGE offers this service at a very reasonable cost to ensure that you receive the best quality work for the lowest possible price.

The Process

EDGE has designed a 5-step process to ensure we provide you with help from beginning to end.

Research and Assessment: During this stage we use several websites and online tools to research as many potential grants and foundations as possible. We assess each grant carefully before suggesting them as a possibility. Once we have completed this stage, we will provide you with a list of 10 potential grants. These are ranked in order of likeliness to succeed.

Connect with Funders: Once a decision has been reached about which grants will be pursued, EDGE will personally contact the foundation. By connecting with the foundations, EDGE gains a better understanding of the approach that should be taken when applying for their grant. What’s more, it allows the foundation to have some background knowledge of your mission and vision prior to receiving your application.

Draft and Finalize Grant Application: Once EDGE has an outline of the grant application, we will have an in-depth conversation with you to answer the questions to the best of our ability. We then spend our time carefully editing each application, understanding the need to keep the writing professional, but not lose sight of your personal mission and vision. Prior to submitting any application, EDGE will ask for your feedback. We will only submit an application that you have agreed upon. During this stage you may be asked to provide us with documents such as: a budget, your most recent financial statement and estimated timeline or start date.

Follow-up and Confirmation: EDGE will always follow up with a foundation after a decision has been reached. This allows EDGE to provide feedback and suggestions for future applications.

Press Release: Successful applicants will receive a personal press release written about their new initiative and secured funding. This press release is yours to distribute as you please.

More Information

Grant support is offered on a sliding scale, depending on the size and scope of the grants being applied for. If you have any questions about this service and the pricing model, please reach out to

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