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Ontario Residents are able to access digital therapy resources through Beacon, as sponsored by the Ontario Government.

Guided digital therapy with BEACON is highly personalized to what you’re feeling and who you are, as a whole person. Through secure digital messaging, and tailored readings and activities, you’ll work 1-to-1 with a registered therapist. Your BEACON therapist is focused on your improvement and will support you all along the way.
Complete BEACON therapy at your own pace, anytime anywhere you’re comfortable. Most people complete their personalized course in 6-10 weeks.

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Congregational Finances

The requirement to self-isolate and socially distance ourselves is an important part of keeping Canadians safe, but there’s lots of anxiety across the church about the impact this is having on our congregational finances. Let’s together ensure that our congregations have the financial resources they need to offer ministry that matters in these strange and trying times. This covers:

  • how to maintain donations in this time of disruption
  • how to use online giving tools
  • how to handle rentals
  • changes in timing for government reporting
  • how to handle PAR while the General Council office is closed
  • What to do if you cant meet payroll
  • what kind of government assistance is available to churches, and how to apply for it
  • what do we need to know to plan financially for an extended period of disruption

Watch the video for Ministers

Watch the video for Treasurers

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