Ministry with Children & Youth

In these times of social and physical distancing, we need to find new ways to imagine how we minister with children and youth. What are their spiritual needs? What kinds of faith formation can we offer from our homes? How can we continue to be “church” with the folks we serve even as the tools we’re used to using are unavailable to us. We’re planning a Round Table discussion to name the issues and concerns that you’re experiencing, and share some best practices. What’s working for you? How are the children and youth you lead weathering this? How are you responding, and what could you share that other leaders could learn from.

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Congregational Finances

The requirement to self-isolate and socially distance ourselves is an important part of keeping Canadians safe, but there’s lots of anxiety across the church about the impact this is having on our congregational finances. Let’s together ensure that our congregations have the financial resources they need to offer ministry that matters in these strange and trying times. This covers:

  • how to maintain donations in this time of disruption
  • how to use online giving tools
  • how to handle rentals
  • changes in timing for government reporting
  • how to handle PAR while the General Council office is closed
  • What to do if you cant meet payroll
  • what kind of government assistance is available to churches, and how to apply for it
  • what do we need to know to plan financially for an extended period of disruption

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Pandemic Practicums

1: Everyone’s Response is Unique

Communitiy & Workplace Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Therapist, Critical Incident Responder, and clergyperson, Diane Strickland, launches the first video in a series to support folks through the COVID-19 Pandemic. In this video she discusses how and why some people respond to traumatic events, what to notice about yourself, and how to respond to others in ways that harness calm.

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2: The Corona Brain Effect

Diane Strickland talks about one of the most common symptoms for survivors of disasters, critical incidents and ongoing crises such this pandemic. Viewers will gain insight into themselves and learn how to support themselves and others in managing this symptom and the various ways it can manifest.

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GO Project Virtual Camp

Each weekday for the foreseeable future, GO in partnership with our friends at Living Presence Ministry will host an hour of camp. Storytelling, special guests, crafts, games and more! Simply click the link before to join the Zoom call with your kids!

11:00am EDT, every weekday

Parents: by clicking this link you consent to your child(ren) joining a public, virtual form. We will have an assigned monitor each day making sure only children in grades 1-7 and their parents are participating.

Available through Zoom

Provided by The GO Project