Community Round Table

By talking to your neighbours and engaging them in projects that they believe in, you would be giving them an opportunity to make a difference to develop new relationships based on the common values of serving others.  This will allow your congregation to get to know those people who are not currently coming through your front door on Sunday mornings, and to explore their spiritual needs.  Some of these people will become comfortable with joining you in worship, and others may help you develop new forms of church that are relevant to both of you.  These new ‘friends of the Church’ will provide their time, talents and treasures to support specific ministries.

A community round table is the congregation’s opportunity to engage local government, business owners, professionals, and other not-for-profit groups in a round table discussion about their community.

The focus is on a wide range of topics, including:

  • current community status
  • where do you see the community in 5 years? 10 years?
  • problems and concerns facing local government
  • problems and concerns facing business and local professionals
  • what are you hearing from your clients or constituents?
  • services that are needed today
  • future services needed

By the end of the Community Round Table process, your community of faith will:

  • create new energy within your congregation
  • accomplish something successful as a faith community
  • understand your community and discover what is missing
  • realize how important your congregation is to the community
  • recognize the strengths your community has
  • demonstrate your willingness to reach out
  • find new organizations to partner with
  • expand your reach and discover new revenue streams
  • find new ways to collaborate
  • brainstorm new ideas

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