Sustainability Cohort – Grant Writing

February 11, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm America/Toronto Timezone

Part 1: Introductionto Sustainability

We need to understand that sustainability is more than justfinancial sustainability and that this is about transforming into an adaptiveorganization that is empowered to start saying ‘yes, and’ to new leadership andexperimentation.

Part 2: StrategicPlanning

We need to have the skillset to discern what is happeningaround us and to understand how we can either be part of that, amplify what isalready happening, or to get out of the way.

Part 3: RevenueGeneration

Donations and fundraising dollars are declining in everypart of the charitable sector, including grant funding through privatefoundations and governments. This means that all nonprofits and charities arebeing forced into re-evaluating their revenue streams and experimenting inmodes that morph them into social purpose organizations.

Part 4: Grant Writing

Less than 20% of communities of faith write grantapplications and less than ½ of those explore grant opportunities outside oftheir own denomination. Learning to tell our story differently and reaching outearly to funders to establish a relationship is all of the difference.

Part 5: Partnerships

It takes 12 partnerships to breakeven and it takes over 20to become vibrant. To even start these partnership conversations it starts withthe right mindset.

Part 6: Marketing& Communications

“Preaching to the choir” is a common phrase and we live intothis daily.  Who are we communicating isas important as who are not communicating with. Recognition of this iscritical.

Part 7: People &Planet

Nothing is possible without our biggest asset, you. Ours is a relational God andrelationships with each other is foundational. None of this is possible withoutour Earth, how is the ecological bottom line being interwoven into everythingthat we do?