Impact Measurement Workshop

June 8, 2020 all-day America/Toronto Timezone
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Are you planning to change, grow or add a ministry?


A Theory of Change is your ministry’s story of how you believe change will unfold. Working on your Theory of Change aids creative thinking, strengthens your effectiveness, provides a solid framework for evaluation, and helps you demonstrate the impact you envision. A Theory of Change can aid in aligning your congregation and community to your larger mission and help them understand their role in achieving it.


The EDGE Network Theory of Change workshop has helped past participants with planning, implementing, evaluating, storytelling, public relations and the other covenants. See what they had to say here:


The next offering of this important workshop will be taking place from June 8th, 2020 to June 26th 2020. All work will be online and asynchronous. Experienced participants should plan for at least 7 hours of work for each of the two modules. Your work will include reading, learning activities, and online discussion, all done at your own pace. Those that want to explore the topic further, should contact the facilitator upon completion of the workshop.


Please RSVP to the facilitator (


Note: Embracing the Spirit has benefited greatly from the Theory of Change process and expects it of Growth grant recipients.